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The right work-from-home attitude: Attitude Capital

Years ago, we could not have imagined living through a pandemic. Covid-19 caused many unpredictable circumstances; big cities went into lockdown, social events were canceled, gatherings were discouraged and were even prohibited in some countries. Our way of living, even our style of work, has significantly changed.

Work-from-home has become the new normal as many businesses resorted to teleworking because of the pandemic. At first, it was tolerable and was even favorable since it would lessen commute, and lesser need to commute means more productive time to work. Still, it also required better connection for data and communication since most transactions were digitized.

A work or an office space was also ideal since it's hard to find your office ambiance and work attitude at home.

As we work with others in the office, we see others take on their tasks that add to our motivation to finish our own tasks. Like a herd, working in a group uplifts our attitude towards work unlike at home, you'll be the only one struggling to finish your task, chasing deadlines, while thinking of what to cook for dinner. Many distractions lurk around us at home, unlike in the office, where there's always a sense of organization, a form of leadership from your employer and fellow employees, and a conducive atmosphere that could help you focus.

Increased Attitude Capital is required when working from home to develop self-discipline, motivation, accountability, determination, and confidence. Working from home only increases dramatically the need to have a high Attitude Capital in order to keep good work performance. We must learn how to be independent and be dependable at the same time. We may feel a wave of depression, anxiety, or lack of motivation from being isolated; that is why we need to explore methods for better communication to inspire, stimulate and encourage ourselves and our co-workers.

In the book "The Power of Attitude Capital," Marc Lamont discussed how attitude capital is the most important investment in building a company. The right attitude will lead you and your team to achieve your optimal potential.

The right attitude increases the rate of success and reduces the possibility of failure and burnout that causes stress and anxiety. High attitude capital will help us bounce back and overcome the hurdles and bumps we will face.

In times of uncertainty, such as the pandemic and the crisis it brings, our drive to persevere is continuously challenged. Investing in the right attitude will help us endure and be resilient as we push ourselves to achieve success.

Check out Marc Lamont’s Interview by an award-winning National broadcast personality and the leading business and motivational speaker, Kate Delaney.

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