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The Rocks We Overcome: Why do we always have it on our paths?

I have had enough. Perhaps, these are the simple words you have told yourself when you felt like quitting. Who would blame you? With all the unending circumstances upfront and an endless series of queries why things turned out this way despite countless extreme efforts, who would you not get tired? Often, we even looked in the sky, gazed upon its beauty for a second, and wonder if there is really a God up there. Because if there is, then why can't we just have a sweet fragrant life filled with accomplishments? It would be easier, isn't it?

It would be lovely to travel a life's road where there are no hindrances—just a smooth road leading us to the core of our goals. But why do we always find rocks on our paths? While most people believe in fate, some just karma to be true. In other words, most people think that the rocks on our Life are God-given challenges, while others just believed it is us who caused the rocks on our paths. For them, it was not God-given, an arbitrary, or fate—but a domino effect of our actions. Regardless of where these obstacles are coming from, it is essential to comprehend the beneficial effect in our lives. Seeing ourselves in smooth situations weakens us and limits our Life's perspective. We tend to have cheap opinions toward Life and little understanding of others.

We may not understand the hardships we got in our way and get confused with it, even causing anxieties and other mental adverse effects most of the time, but in the end, there is always light at the end of the road. Likewise of Follow Life After, a tale of a murder mystery with life-changing encounters written by Carolyn McMahon, tells that there is always better after rocking experiences. As Carolyn McMahon stated inspiringly, "There is no happiness at such tragedy and mystery, loss and deceit, but there is peace in achieving purpose."

It is endearingly genuine with intensive faith that it is no good with all the tears, sleepless nights, and fatigue from all the burdens. But there is always the end—regardless of the long travel. All hardships will come to an end, and like the author Follow Life. After said, there is peace in achieving a purpose. Soon, you will be able to get the price for all the pain you went through, and when that day come, it will be all worth it.

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