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The Role of Attitude in Rebuilding the Economy During the Pandemic

We are in the middle of a crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impaired the economy, which forced many companies to shut down. As sales continue to plummet, businesses were also forced to lay off some of their workers to minimize their losses. Researchers are hell-bent on finding the cure to the disease. Both government and private institutions worldwide are rushing to develop a vaccine that can finally eradicate COVID-19. Government officials are on a scramble to impose an effective policy to flatten the curve. And while there were some improvements, some countries are still suffering from many cases and deaths every day.

But, aside from government policies and vaccine development, there is one solution that governments and companies might have overlooked —The Power of Attitude Capital.

Marc Lamont's The Power of Attitude Capital is now surfacing to address the challenges that companies are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic. The book's core idea shines a light on the role of attitude in an organization's success. This is confirmed by many book reviews of The Power of Attitude Capital.

Just an example:

Marc Lamont is an expert when it comes to managing hundreds of people. He has over 43 years of experience under his belt. He was a Director/ Executive in 3 different Fortune 500 Companies. Early in his career, his management tasks had an international scope, first covering Western Europe and then covering additional regions such as Eastern Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, the United States, and Africa. While the main focus of his leadership role was initially in the field of strategy, sales, and marketing, this expanded rapidly to include a general management role. Over time, he gained also responsibility for different production sites and research and development centers worldwide as part of his leadership function.

The Power of Attitude Capitalis a brilliant book that can be applied by managers and policy-makers to boost the morale of workers across fields, especially in hospitals, law enforcement, and other essential organizations. In these critical times, when companies and workers need guidance, Marc Lamont's experience can come in handy to cope with the situation and slowly rebuild the economy.

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