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The Saga of a Monster Slaying Vampire in a Dystopian Society

Vampires walk among us openly. They obey human laws yet are not granted the same rights. Society fears them for what they can do. Yet some strive to change this and end the inequality while showing humanity that they are not a threat, that they can serve as protectors against even more dangerous forces. Thus unfolds the saga of the "Silver Vampire," Carolyn Cami's thrilling book series following the titular vampire and a cast of supernatural beings.

The saga begins with the origin story of the "Silver Vampire," which follows the siblings' Grace and Kaylee, who are daughters of a witch and a human. Their mother dies after giving birth to Kaylee, who years later realizes she has inherited her mother's gifts. On the other hand, Grace lacks any powers and grows up to be a normal American teenager... until her whole life is turned upside down when she is bitten by a vampire and becomes one herself. As vampires are ostracized in society, she must hide her identity from both the vampiric and human world with the help of her sister's mystical protection. Due to how society doesn't grant vampires human rights, the sisters must work together to help Grace find a better future. To do so, Kaylee must become the Silver Vampire.

After the origins of the Silver Vampire, their adventures continue. In "The Silver Vampire Rhamphorhynchus: Book 2 of the Silver Vampire Chronicles," the heroine becomes a problem solver when an illegal laboratory in Africa accidentally unleashes an infection that mutates human and animal life into strange infectious creatures. The CIA and its vampiric liaison recruit the Silver Vampire to eliminate the infected. This is an extremely secretive operation unknown to the governments in Africa and the United States. The ad hoc team of elites must contain the infection before it becomes known to those states and the greater public.

In the third book, "The Silver Vampire - Wolf Man," strange infested wolves are attacking people and spreading infection. The Silver Vampire and her team are dispatched to eliminate the creatures but find a half-wolf named Shawn, who they spare. While news reports of the crisis spreads and people go into hiding and await rescue services, the Silver Vampire teams up with Shawn, and their whole team works together to deal with the infestation.

Cami also has a fourth book along the way, portraying the further exploits of the Silver Vampire and her coterie. With her stories, she takes the vampire and supernatural horror genres to new territories while tackling relevant topics such as discrimination and the spread of infections and other biohazards. She also uses elements of science fiction and the spy thriller genre, as well as mythology in general, populating her world with supernatural beings, spies, and creative blends of these popular archetypes. Fans of horror, urban fantasy, and science fiction will definitely have an engaging reading experience with the Silver Vampire saga.

About the Author

Carolyn Cami graduated from the Model Secondary School for the Deaf in Washington, D.C. She is married with two adult children, one teenager, and a grandchild.

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