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The Sun Will Shine After the Rain: Hope in The Midst of Crisis

When we changed our calendars from 2019 to 2020, everyone is with high hopes that this year, this decade will be better than the last. People bought their new planner and plotted down their plans for the first quarter of the year, yet, things didn’t go the way planned.

People all around the world has been bombarded with bad news. Crisis after crisis happened, making it hard for people to grasp the idea that the sun will still shine after the rain; there is a light after the long, dreadful, dark tunnel. The word hope seems to be a little blurred right now to most people, but to some, the crisis pushed them to believe harder that after all the world’s chaos, they will still see the sunshine again.

Bruce Plant, an author, wrote a book with a collection of poems and wisdom, called Songs of Sunshine and Rain, and there’s a line there that says,

” Each day is a little lifetime. Each morning a little birth. The sun climbs up into the sky And sinks back down to earth. I spend my life in asking why. And when my asking’s done, The dawn will bring another day, And I’ll become the sun.”

We wake up each day, facing the same crisis we faced yesterday, waiting for the day to end, and then finding yourself awake again the next morning – this has been almost everyone’s routine for a long time now. People seem to forget that each morning, each sunrise, each day, is a little birth and a little lifetime; it brings a little hope – just like what the poem says.

It speaks so much of the fact that, like the sun, even though all it ever does every day is the rise and set, it still shines and still brings light to the world – and we will become like the sun. Amid this darkness that seemed to succumb to the whole earth, we can still be the light to bring hope to people. We can altogether flicker a beam of hope, making our light brighter and brighter, that the whole world will be able to see, that the sun indeed shines after the rain; that there is always hope even in the midst of crisis.

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