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The Thrilling Secrets of the Night: Dark Secrets by August Alexander

In the darkness of the night, an unfamiliar feeling lurks within our gut. It brings up fears of creatures that await prey, creatures only found in blood-curdling fiction and nightmares. Author August Alexander brings us closer to these fears and more in her new book, Dark Secrets.

Dark Secrets is another thrilling tale brought to you by the same author who wrote the daunting story of the Cromwell sisters in Midnight Moon. Their fate is changed when Elizabeth's happy, sun-filled life is suddenly turned upside down when, after escaping an untimely death becomes the monster of the night herself. Coming to terms with her new life as a vampire, she was met with trials and tribulations, eventually facing a prominent vampire named Vladimir who threatened her sister's life. After prevailing and eventually killing the bloodthirsty vampire, Elizabeth must now keep her eyes open as more adversaries are trying to find her, seeking revenge for what she did. Alyssa becomes a vampire as well and now has to confront their past in order to move on to their future. Things become even more complicated as two new vampires come to town for Elizabeth and Caleb's help. More secrets will unfold as the sisters face the threats of new monsters and foes as they travel to Egypt and face an Egyptian clan of vampires and more.

Author August Alexander, who hails from Mississippi, is an aspiring writer at the age of 13. Her passion for writing has made her dream to become a writer—a writer who can write a story that everyone can relate to in some way in love. Dark Secrets is the continuation of the first book, which intends to continue the story of the Cromwell sisters as they face more complexities, monsters, and thrilling adventures, taking the readers to the edge of their seats in a rollercoaster ride of emotions. There is more to unfold in the story of the Cromwell sisters as more is revealed through every turn of the page. The book takes on another level of fantasy as it is filled with other supernatural elements and monstrous creatures as Alexander adds more enemies. A thirty-foot snake, a ten-foot-tall scorpion, and a seven-foot three-headed dog in the sister's quest this time around getting more dangerous in each chapter.

Life is indeed a puzzle for author August Alexander, and the story becomes much more fear-inducing as things fall apart and the sisters must rebuild a new world, all the while protecting their loved ones from harm. The book's theme does not only focus on love but goes deeper and explores the love of a newfound family, the unity, and the bond that the characters have together gone through those dangerous challenges. A masterpiece to behold, Dark Secrets will keep you up at night and scrambling to finish the amazing but thrilling story of the Cromwell sisters.

The book is available on Amazon.

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