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The True Contribution of Animals to Human Sanity and Improvement of Society

Carl Anderson's The Beast in Marina Carr's Theatre deals with the narrative of three plays written by Marina Carr. The Bog of Cats, Woman and Scarecrow, and Portia Coughlan all revolve around women's suffering under a biased society. The book used the philosophy of Jacques Derrida to explain how our society tends to overlook or overgeneralize many aspects of life because of our preconceived ideas and prejudices. Women have suffered a lot of injustice throughout history because of the patriarchal social structure and hegemonic gender roles.

The Beast in the Theatre of Marina Carr shines a light on the deconstruction of our faulty relationship with all kinds of beasts, be it with women or animals. Carl Anderson used the metaphor of deconstruction to emphasize both the importance of animals and women to our society.

According to Jacques Derrida, animals suffer cruelty because man cannot distinguish or categorize animals properly. "There are considerable differences between different types of animals. There is no reason one should be grouped into the same category. To put living things that aren't human into one category is a stupid and ridiculous gesture."

Using the principles of deconstruction was a brilliant way to present both ideas into one powerful explanation. Jacques Derrida and Carl Anderson's revolutionary view on the topic opens many doors to both man and their pets. Animals have contributed many things to our society, not just in research and agriculture but also inside our homes. When people are locked up in their houses and getting stressed because of the pandemic, animals are helping humanity cope up. And, just like animals, women have also provided the same support to society throughout history.

Anderson's work teaches us the value of inclusivity and kindness, especially when our world seems to be reminding us that we are all living on the same planet.

"It has been normalized in the west to share an intolerant viewpoint and to describe other people as a threat. This beast-female has the opportunity to be read across the border of other minority groups. Humans need a lot of patience with each other before we can see glimpses of a better world."

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