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The Underdog, The Designed Survivor: Journey Along the Unpredictable Path.

What makes life worth living? Have you ever been scared of not knowing what your future will be? Or have you ever looked at yourself and thought of so many ways you could have done something better?

In a world where loneliness feels inevitable, which is an unhelpfully destructive fact, we try to hold on to the reason not to give up. Many people try to look at the purpose of life, especially when we are in a disadvantageous position. We tend to think deeper about the hopes and dreams that we wanted to achieve. We fear change because, deep down, we are consumed with all these doubts if we can handle all those circumstances and obstacles that we will face along the way. There will be questions and many uncertainties as we are unsure if it is the right path to peace.

But the book Colour of Mind written by Alice Nash teaches us that life is not just about the sunshine and blooming flowers. We will always have tempest and withered grasses. Despite all those things, what makes Kathy Liao, the protagonist of the novel, different from other people? It is the fact that she isn’t afraid to try. She sees a change as an obstruct and an opportunist for a leap for a better life. It urges every woman to realize the power they have hold and the ability to fulfill their dreams.

Through the book, Alice Nash uses the writing rules of the ‘Three Act’ structure and techniques matching with the creativity to touch the heart and soul of every reader. A warm and fulfilling story made for everyone that will make you reflect upon your decision in life. Alice shows us that despite all these thoughts in our minds, even with all the kinds of hardships, tribulations, and setbacks that we might face, everything has its purpose, be it constructive or destructive.

The book Colour of Mind gives us a fresh insight into life’s unfolding. Throughout the story, the protagonist has been in a disadvantageous position with no room for her to compute. She has no choice but to avoid a head-on clash with her overbearing opposition. The comprehensive and perfect strategy is one thing which never her case; fighting a lone battle - fortunately is her patent - is quite another, and when the two have to meet, the designed survivor reveals itself.

The author makes us realize that not everything in this world is black and white. We mainly live in a grey zone with different forces working behind the scene, some beyond our imagination

Reading this book will take you to a wondrous adventure as Alice unfolds a breathtaking story. A book that will make you dive deeper into the story. It contains valuable lessons, but it also pertains to reality. So, if you are looking for a book full of surprises with an epiphany that will change your perspective in life, Colour of Mind by Alice is a must-read book that many readers will surely relate to!

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