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The Value of Love and The Tragedy of an Affair

They say that love is a journey. It is a journey of happiness and contentment, but it can also be a journey of pain and tragedy. For couples, their love for each other is a testament to their growth, becoming one in the process. Thus, trust and connection are perhaps the two elements in a relationship that married couples hold on to the most. It is the driving force between two people that binds them together. However, even with the most solid relationships, temptations take away what couples have built, and problems occur in the marriage after a while. In this novel, Thuso Kewana lets his readers peek into relationships and matters of the heart.

The Painful Journey of Love by Thuso Kewana follows the story of love and goes in-depth into the questions that cross someone’s mind. If you have ever wondered why a person that you love does not love you back or someone is more interested in material things than true love or why a woman would cheat on a loving husband as well as why would a husband abuse a loving wife, then this book is written for you. Kewana takes his readers through the exciting journey of love and the realities of a painful love affair. The book has unique characters with which one could empathize or feel a resemblance. Not holding back any details, this is one of those books that cannot be put down due to its nature and how it was written. It will fill you with a sense of compassion and stir up your anger because of the emotions it will make you feel, touching on issues that can be near and dear to you, especially if you have also come from a broken family caused by an illicit love affair. A journey that is truly like no other.

Thuso Kewana was born and raised in Stellenbosch, Western Cape, by a single mother with six other siblings. He met with his father only when he was 26 years old. He is second from the last and the only one to obtain a degree in science. He was brought up in a strict Christian home where he learned valuable morals that he is now passing on to his children. With that being said, he pursued to become an ordained Pastor at his church, establishing and working for non-governmental organizations in the process. His wife is a psychiatrist, and together, they counsel newlyweds, talking to them about the value of marriage. The author is also deeply engaged when it comes to addressing issues about men and their role in the families.

His book, The Painful Journey of Love, is a look into the reality of love in the modern world and how God can make one realize the mistakes that one commits. A novel that a reader shouldn’t truly miss, a novel that talks about love and affairs in the most direct way possible.

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