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The Warmth to the Cold: Poetry’s Delight in Coping Isolation

Do you feel frustrated already being in isolation caused by the pandemic? It is only natural as a human because we are known as social beings. According to a scientific study, people offered a choice of being alone or having electric shocks. The results can be shocking as they prefer getting electric shocks. Probably the respondents are mostly extroverts because introverted people are highly skilled in solitude.

Nevertheless, we all know that at some point in this long isolation without actual socialization is bringing us anxiety and depression. The reason is not the mere fact that we are prolonged in isolation. What adds fear is the uncertainties of the coming tomorrow. What things could save us and help us cope with this long isolation?

Bruce Plant wrote the collection of poetry published as a book in 2017 entitled “Songs of the Sunshine and Rain.” He admits that experiencing life for him is not as bright as the sunshine as he thought when he was younger. The rain is necessary for you to appreciate more not only the sunshine but its warmth. Bruce resonated this reflection from the tragedy he endures with a devastating romantic relationship he had. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia that he did undergo psychotherapy and anti-psychotic treatment to overcome this mental illness. He was in isolation for the longest time that his routine should be alone, and friends could not visit him. He was so young back then to experience it. His youth was replaced with the darkness in the cold hidden world that no one can enter. He was chilling that even when he screams, no one can hear him. It was mind destroying. What hurts most is that he could not bring back the status he has before as other people may judge him. Bruce experience more than just rain; this is actually a thunderstorm. However, he did not allow to be eaten by darkness; instead, he fought it with poetry.

As he was given a second chance to live life, Bruce faces the world again with full of hope and courage. His passion for poetry reminds him that romantic love alone is not an essential thing in this world. There’s more to life and more reason to live. As he revives his poetry writing from his youth, some colleagues or friends who happen to read his poetry encouraged him to publish a book about it. He doubted at first but realized that sharing to the world this inspirational poetry coming from the days of my innocence and the carefree season will bring delight to those who are in the sorrow of isolation.

The long isolation we experience today may cause us different levels of distress. However, there are more tragic incidents and situations than that. Avoid the anxiety of isolation by devoting more of your time with gratitude and passion. You are not alone in the isolation trend of a pandemic, but Bruce was alone in his mental health battle back then. He survived and lived a new life. Be inspired by his poetry and be delighted to what tomorrow may bring to your life.

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