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The Women Sexuality Oppression

Do you ever find it disturbing when most women are prohibited from expressing their sexuality?

For instance, a woman posted a nude photo of herself. Instead of gaining appreciation from it, she ended up being the talk of guys and receive a clash of inappropriate comments and messages. For this matter, women have doubts and anxieties in terms of expressing their sexuality. On top of that, there is a seeming imbalance in how society accepts men in terms of engaging sexual intercourse and expressing their sexuality easily without any judgment compared to a woman. Regrettably, women have to suffer a lot of discouragement before showing to the world who they are.

You Were Mine for a Time, a book that contains four stories that will attract women in terms of finding sexual awareness within her. This is a good book for women who are being oppressed regarding their sexuality. No woman should have this type of deprivation, inequality, and oppression. In addition to that, reading this book is comforting and entertaining at the same time. It will not only enlighten you to the truth of sex but will also empower you as a woman.

Commonly, women are being shamed about it, as if they do not have every right in the world also to express who they are beyond the clothes and skin. Mainly because we have a dark past about how our ancestors treat women as a person whose only job in the world is to take care of the family and do household chores. Until now, we still carry that dark past, and the only thing to do is to fight it and never let it overwhelm the world again. Katie Santee purposely wrote the book in contribution to the women’s movement; this is to prove to anyone that everyone, regardless of sexuality, should be treated fairly in terms of giving expressions to themselves.

Indeed, You Were Mine for a Timeis a book loaded with wisdom and acceptance that it is never wrong for women to express their sexual urges. On top of that, this is a book that will introduce you to the importance of determining sexual passion and how it affects the sexuality of a woman. We seriously need a book like this that will be of a great reminder to respect every female aspect just the way they are. As stated by Tacticus, “When a woman has lost her chastity, she will shrink from nothing.”

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