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They could not stop the butterfly

"We are not seen for what we are. We are seen for what we can become." – Poet

It was a caterpillar, bruised and beaten, unappreciated for what it was but will be loved and adorned for what it will become. They could not stop the butterfly - a science fiction book written by Poet is truth artistically conveyed. As illustrated by Carl Conrad of the Pacific Book Review, "…beautiful, haunting…pulls the emotion right out of the reader…it is well-written, deep, eclectic collection of insightful and thought provoking poetry."

The book is about love, hate, betrayal, horror, and murder. It contains compara poems and story essays that, in a way, will suit individual readers' preferences. This is also a recommended read for millennials and for those audiences whose work-life balance doesn't provide sufficient time for finishing a story at the moment. They could not stop the butterfly is best for pondering and/or reflection, especially during distressful and uncomfortable situations like this lines in one of the essays: "In life, we worry about what kind of food we eat and what type of clothes we wear. We cry about the love we lost, and we don't cherish the love we have."

Poet, as the author calls herself, hopes that someday she will become an accomplished writer. She conforms to the saying, "whatever you believe that you can become." Her hobbies are reading and listening to classical music. She is an inventor and has her own trousseau collection. She is an alumna of Hunter College. Currently, she is residing in Brooklyn, New York.

If only we are not seen for what we are but for what we can become, this world might have different realities. Through her book of poetry and essays, the author tries to reach out for a better Earth. As timely as the world's ceasing, the irony of the pandemic uniting the human race for a global solution should not be limited to nursing the bruises but should aspire for universal care and boundless love. We are now caterpillars being tormented but holding on, for we are to become butterflies.

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