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Three Poetry Books Combined Give Extra Serving of Inspirational Rhymes and Verses

With "It's All Connected," author Missee Nelligan treats her readers to three poetry compilations in one. "You Are Your Happiness," "Smile For You," and "Don't Stop" are stirring collections of poems and photography that show readers the beauty of nature, people, and scenic places, which the author believes can bring people so much joy.

With her rhymes and verses, Nelligan shows readers the inherent wonder of the world - whether it is in their own backyards or the sights they see as they travel the world. She shares her experiences when she visited places, met people, and saw sights that stirred her heart. Her writings flowed from these moments, the pages of her books serving as conduits for emotion and creativity.

"You Are Your Happiness," "Smile For You," and "Don't Stop" inspire readers to realize that happiness comes from experience, not just things. Lasting happiness is something that can be found and can be grown. It can even spread to others. Such as good mornings, hellos, and even simple smiles - these can brighten people's days and lives. Nelligan offers photography and poems inspired by the captured scenes.

"Nature has this wonderful energy, from the surge of a waterfall to the tranquility of a lake, the sunset, or sunrise. Stopping and taking in what is seen is not always the outcome you want in a photo. Seeing it with our own eyes pierces the heart, imprisons the soul, and captivates the mind." Nelligan says. Her poetry captures the wonder and uniqueness of these locations, moments as well as individuals. As Nelligan says, people are as unique as a fingerprint, and with her writings, she strives to convey their smiles, the glimmer in their eyes, their laughter. This beauty is what she strives to evoke and what readers will experience as they go through her poems.

"Next time you are out and about taking the time to see what you are not seeing. What I see will be something different from what you see. 'It's All Connected' captures your thoughts of what you see, I have just shared what I see." Nelligan encourages her readers.

About the Author

Missee Nelligan loves photography, seeing and experiencing new things, and appreciating beauty in the world. For more information about the author and her works, readers can check out her website:

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