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Thriller is still a thing.

An emerging author, Ian Jones, a UK-based brilliant, is here to add up some thrill into our lives. As of today, Ian Jones is currently based in Southwest London with his family. While living across another continent, just imagine our author's vigor, imagination, and best abilities to create a masterpiece set in Las Vegas. As someone who travels a lot with his daytime job, his books are inspired and made with the touch of places he has visited.

His writing and publishing years have not been that long, yet his works are surprisingly the vast array of readers with their content and quality. Praises and words of encouragement are extended to him as an invitation to write even more novels.

Looking back, the author, in his younger days and up until now, took inspiration and spent his time reading books, delving into motor mechanics and motorbikes, and even listened and played music.

His good works create and attract people to take an interest in the world of crime scenes and thrillers. Indeed, the positive feedbacks went as far as picturing a future film created and inspired with his novel. More than the readers' feedback, Ian Jones also spotlighted several radio interviews with prominent personalities.

On his website,, you'll get a chance to listen to his interviews with no less than Ric Bratton, Kate Delaney, and Susan Sherayko. In all those radio interviews, you'll hear all about the humble beginnings of our author, the inspiration of his marvelous authored thrillers, and the things to look forward to from him in the coming months and years.

As of today, there are already five official books published by our rising author, and in this coming Spring of 2021, another page-turner from Ian Jones will be out in the market. Compliments and positive feedbacks flood our author for a good verse plot and a great character build-up combination. If he could write and finish a book from miles away from the setting, we indeed have so much in store for us with his books, especially the one entitled "Lost in Vegas."

This Spring 2021, let us together enjoy another engrossing work entitled "Dying for LA" with the main character of John Smith. Let us follow the journey of a civilian man caught in the world of power play among big organizations while the world faces a threat and adversary terrorist attacks.

Prepare yourselves to another non-stop flipping until you hit the last page of the book, sit back, and get hooked with Ian Jones' novels.

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