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Through Fire and War: The Freelancers by M.A. Frost

Our history is full of wars between kings and queens. These are chaotic times where there seemed to be no end to the war between regions and kingdoms. Most of the stories we now see today that depict medieval history are filled with boring details about armors, soldiers, and their war tactics. However, some authors like to portray the medieval era with magic, fire, war, and more adventures.

Released in 2020, The Freelancers: The Black Shield and the Red Fortune by M.A. Frost is an artful depiction of medieval history. It follows the legend of the war against black magic in a Kingdom that is faced with ongoing civil war. When provoked by a corrupt ruler, rebels gathered to fight, and a hero rose from the ashes, and when the smoke cleared out and the oppression ended, a hero left behind a lasting legacy. History repeats itself once more, and as the King dies, a new successor is set to be chosen. However, he had no relatives, and only a former disciple of the King’s is claiming to be the rightful successor. This sparked outrage, his rivals came forward, and another civil war broke out. As warriors discover the secrets behind the war, more struggle arises as enemies become overwhelmingly powerful through sorcery. Wizards, on the other hand, offer their services as mercenaries in conflict, but it gets worse as a corrupt legacy is revealed to the world. Eleven ancient magic swords chose their wielders, each bearing a unique ability, but all are instruments of destruction. One warrior found a sword that could reflect the magic and have the capability to destroy the ancient swords. Will the warrior be able to level the playing field now that he has an advantage? That is the question.

M.A. Frost is an avid reader of fantasy stories, fairy tales, myths, and folktales. Having read and watched these stories shaped his personality and his hobby of writing personal stories. When the stories became too good, he decided that they must not be untold and inspired him to go into greater detail about magical forces and their origins, as well as a compelling story about protagonists set to discover and unravel unknown worlds. The book has no specific era, but it is surely filled with fantasy, royalty, wizards, and mythical creatures.

If you’re looking to dive into a new book that will take you away from the reality of a chaotic world, M.A. Frost’s book is surely the book that you will come to love. Frost is able to depict a world filled with destruction and struggles, building up a story with complex characters and decisions that makes the story more thrilling at each turn of the page. He takes the readers on a rollercoaster of a journey as he tells the story in graphic details full of tense. Frost’s narration can easily immerse readers into a wonderful adventure different from medieval-themed stories.

Truly, M.A. Frost’s mastery of words can be seen in his astonishing book: The Freelancers: The Black Shield and the Red Fortune.

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