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Through the Lens of Untold Stories of the Church

One of the questionable aspects of humanity is a theological matter. Different shifts of perspective are seen per person. In addition to that, practices regarding religion and spirituality were filled with mysterious beginnings and divided into many sectors. Religions had existed and helped people build numerous civilizations and empires. It is often the Tree of Life for these places—as religion became a stronghold for people's beliefs, inspiration, and motivation. Haven't we all wondered where it came from? Haven't we ever questioned how it gives unwavering support even to those fallen with countless adversities?

There are different religions in the world. People in other countries would perceive the word "religion" with what is being practiced over their land. It is a common tendency that explains the influence of religion held upon humankind. The sensitive topic that had been a usual topic for debates over the centuries and had caused war over territories isn't limited to this—extensive history records—and affects the lives and morals of those living in the littlest villages and the smallest municipalities. In the face of problems, these people would seek the comfort of their God, their spirituality. It is how they manage to survive against it. Miracles even happen because of it, as said continuously in different terms, "Those who believe and have their will intact goes up against the largest tides."

David Castells Angelet wrote a book that would delve deep into people's different lives of religious institutions. Prats is a collection of different accounts bounded to serve as an eye-opener and a motivation for anyone who had been interested in the divine. It withholds many lessons that are probably never heard daily. This instrument acknowledges God's grace in everyone's lives and reminds everyone how faith keeps us from becoming our darkest selves. David Castells Angelet had written an accompaniment for people who had been questioning their divinity, including in his piece other religions that would surely keep them on thinking about the scriptures written from long ago.

As the universe goes on a fast pace on evolution, people need to be reminded of the divine's importance in shaping the world's roots. There is so much to know about Earth's becoming, their descendants, and the constant morals they uphold through life. The presence of spirituality that had guided humanity on its easiest and hardest experiences must never be buried under the rug. There is so much to know, so much to learn.

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