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Thuso Kewana's The Painful Journey of Love: A Peek into Love and Affairs

If you have ever been in love, you already know the ethereal feeling of being with someone. One that promises a life together, forever, even in the most difficult circumstances. Such love is much more special with God in the middle because He works his way in the hearts of both husband and wife, molding them together as one. Sometimes, however, temptations lead the heart to go astray from the promises made at the altar. Even as God witnesses the binding of the lovers, some would choose another way. An unfaithful and hurtful way. Thuso Kewana's novelette shows what happens in love in his book, The Painful Journey of Love.

Have you ever questioned matters of the heart? Have you ever wondered about your partners or their interests in you? Or how someone is more invested in material things than true love? Then look no further because this book might be just for you.

The story follows the lives of spouses who have become unfaithful in their own ways and have valued material things over love. In this book, Kewana highlights the most important questions of our time regarding love and marriage through fictional characters. Readers may be bound to identify themselves in each one as the author presents a different case for each personality, going in-depth into their problems and how they go through their unique circumstances. It might be said that this is one of those books that will fire up one's compassion and trigger anger, but it narrates matters of the heart, mirroring reality one chapter at a time.

Thuso Kewana, a father of three children, was born in Stellenbosch in Western Cape. He was raised by a single mother with six other siblings; he only met his father when he was around 26 years old. Brought up in a strict Christian household, he became an ordained Pastor at Heart-to-Heart Ministry. He has established and was involved in several non-governmental organizations, and he and his wife have been counseling newlyweds, talking to them about the value of marriage. The author is also engaged in discussions about the father's role in the family, educating men about the emotional, psychological and financial support they are bound to give to their spouses and children.

The Painful Journey of Love is more than just a fictional novelette about love and affair; however, it also discusses the congregation and the structure of assembly and, perhaps, most importantly, the role of God in people's lives. The poignant story also touches on the concept of healing and forgiveness, emphasizing why there needs to be a discussion about the world's temptations to families and couples. Kewana's approach to talking about infidelity and how it affects everyone is an eye-opener into the world of marriage and how love works in a marriage. The novelette is truthful fierce but gives a fresh perspective into the calling of each and everyone in this world.

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