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To be in God's Graces: Moving Forward Through His Love and Grace by Joan E. Gettry

Life can be difficult. Most often than not, it presents challenges in which we are asked to face the impossible. It may be the loss of a loved one, getting fired from a job, a family crisis, or a global pandemic, life does not fall short of surprising us. The bigger question, however, is how do we, as mere human beings who are uncertain of our future face these challenges in our lives without losing our faith and ourselves in the process? That is what Joan E. Gettry will teach us in her book Moving Forward Through His Love and Grace.

Released in 2018, Moving Forward Through His Love and Grace is a book that’ll change the way you look at God’s challenges in your life. It is an expedition throughout life told through the use of poems to convey its message. It’s filled with adventure, danger, and pitfalls of navigating through the rough mountains, valleys, and seas of life. It shows that life is never easy but with God’s love and grace, we may be able to get through it with his blessings and care. It shows the readers that faith can be challenged and tested time and time again until we come home to our place in heaven.

The author, Joan, believes that we are all endowed with faith and along with that is hope and determination, gifts of the holy spirit that will help us move forward through our current struggles. With her poems, she’s able to radiate comfort and warmth through her words and is able to express to her readers how big God’s love is. Bigger than the challenges we are facing now. Her words are filled with grace and love as she tells her readers that facing our darkest moments can only be overcome with our faith in God. Furthermore, she reminds her readers that when God tests our faith in Him, we must adhere to his guidance and know that he will always be there holding our hands in finishing our journey. Her book does not dwell on only the positive side of faith in God but also paints a picture of how life’s challenges can be tough but our focus must remain on God.

The global pandemic has caused people all over the world to rethink and reflect this past year about themselves and especially their faith. Some have lost loved ones too early and some might’ve come close to experiencing loss. Uncertainty seems to be the new normal and we are faced with different challenges every day as we try and cope with the way things are being done now but as Joan E. Gettry reminds us, these are God’s challenges to our faithfulness in him and with the gifts he has bestowed upon us, we must learn how to navigate with His guidance to be able to move forward.

Life may be tough but Joan tells us that God assures us that no challenge is given to us when we cannot conquer them.

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