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To Conform or Rebel?

Melissa Smith is a rising author of today’s generation. She is well versed and has worked many years in education and music both as a living and as a hobby. She started with the love of music and writing as early as seven years old and has brought it with her all these years.

As someone who spent working in the education sector, she witnessed how adolescents faced numerous struggles in life. In most cases, this is the stage where people tend to look for or build their own identity. Consequently, this is also the stage where social pressure is overwhelming from friends, family, school, and society. And it is with her hope to help the adolescents figure out and depict the things they are going through in this stage of life by creating her book “Theory of Rebellion: School Debut.”

Also, this book is intended to show some guidance for young adults on how to cope with the issues they are facing and later be able to introspect the things that motivate them to move forward in life.

To create an impact, Melissa Smith went even further to have an African American main character, Melody. The author purposively created an African American lead character to make a statement that Melody is more than her skin color. Her adventure towards facing and finding herself will be the greatest quest to take on. Melody will face the struggle of a teenage adolescent with her identity, hobbies to pursue, friends, and even her love interest or the lack thereof. And as an adolescent, friends will always play an important role in this stage of life; but when should friends dictate what road to take?

Enjoy this fascinating book, whether you’re an adolescent currently caught up in school and life dilemmas or an adult trying to look back and laugh with your past. Get ready to laugh, cry, get frustrated, and enjoy all at once with the life of Melody in this Theory of Rebellion: School Debut.

True enough, Senior Highschool is a memorable, exciting, and anxious phase. Still, we can never forget that this is also the time when young adults start to take responsibility and stand for their identity. Now enjoy this book by Melissa Smith, and let’s see where Melody will take her life’s choices – to conform or rebel?

“Aaaaaaa! Oh my god!” I stopped to compose myself for a moment, but it didn’t work.” Theory of Rebellion: School Debut, Melissa Smith

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