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To Follow a Life After The Gift of Retrospect

“Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”

Life has a particular set of rules that have been proven repeatedly, one of which is that the past can repeat itself when you fail to learn from it. It’s an important piece of wisdom that everyone should reflect on once in a while. The past is a treasure chest full of learning opportunities that we shouldn’t ignore.

Carolyn Anne McMahon’s book, To Follow a Life After, gives the readers that exact situation. It’s a story of two brothers who found themselves in the middle of an unexpected adventure when they went out to search for answers on the death of their father. In this book, you can explore the twists and turns of life after finding yourself in a surreal world. What started as a simple mission suddenly unfolded into a series of unfathomable mystery, deceit, love, horror, wisdom, and experiences which will teach them about their past mistakes in life.

There’s a certain appeal to people about changing their pasts to make their presents better. So here’s a question: If you can go back, what would you have done differently in your life?

Look back and take a good look at your mistakes. What are the things you regret the most? Do you want to take back the harsh words you’ve said during a fight? Would you study more for that crucial test?

As the old saying goes, the experience is the best teacher. The gift of retrospect can only be achieved by getting through whatever life has to offer. If you think about changing your past, then you’re not on the right track. The only thing you can do is move forward using the lessons you’ve learned from your past.

It may be shameful or disappointing, something we would want to change, or something we would like to relive. Either way, you have to utilize it to guide your present self.

To Follow a Life After reminds us that we all have the gift of retrospect; we just have to take a good look at our pasts to make a difference in our future.

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