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Touching the Surface of Life through Novels

Reading a novel allows us to get immersed in the life and imagination of the author. It takes us to places we have never been. We meet a friend we never had. It makes us experience a world that we never imagine being in one. Some authors dip a slice of their lives into their novels. Its authenticity appeals to more audience because the words were crafted flawlessly. It feels like a comfortable and exciting ride to get on.

Likewise, Anthony Parran is one author touching the surface of life through novels. It is his own way of sharing his life story but in a fictional and creative approach. It becomes more interesting as you play it on your imagination while reading. From being a soldier, aircraft builder, computer businessman, and traveler, he is now an author of fiction novels inspired by his personal experience and perspective in life. He has learned different languages, such as Spanish, little Dutch, Russian, Thai, and Mandarin, along with writing his books. Indeed, he has a lot of talents to share.

Get to know him by reading his book sequel: Chasing Roxanne, Chasing Barett’s Fifty, Chasing Amanda’s Trail, Chasing a Falling Star, and Chasing Smokey, The Bandit, and The Chinaman and Chasing the Phantom Menace. The story sequel revolves around Jerome Travis. “JT” a skilled man and a dedicated father. Joining him are Clayton Thomas and Richard Washington, both from the military. Intensified action scenes, solving a mystery - all wrapped in one makes it one promising crime thriller in a fiction book.

These total packages of a sequel will surely wake our sense of justice and influence our view about the world of crime and justice. It is some sort of an eye-opener to what happens in the everyday life of a person serving the military. We should expect that the story would be intimidating but not at all. The story is an easy read and truly relatable of any age who will be reading.

Moreover, you better watch out for his upcoming 7th book entitled “Chasing the Brother Grim.” In the book, he shared something about the present political climate and response to the global pandemic to a minimum. Indeed, Anthony Parran is an inspiring author as he expressed that he has been fortunate in life. Before he was told that he would never fly airplanes, he has proven them wrong because he is more than that. He soared in his life by building aircraft, traveling the world, and even publish books that will leave a legacy in this world

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