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Tough Childhood: Is This What Childhood Should Be Like?

Childhood could be the happiest day of every individual. It was when fun memories happened – ice cream, toys, friends. But, for some, that is not the case. Many children did not have a fun childhood. Instead, if there's anything, they experienced a tough life at an early age. So, is this what childhood should be like?

Childhood trauma has a remarkable ability to hurt, especially when it involves mental or physical abuse or even neglect. Over the years, the fallout resonates and causes adverse effects. Though adults frequently say things like, "He was still so little when that happened; he apparently can't really remember this as an adult," childhood trauma may have a notable influence in the long run. And even though children are strong, they aren't made of stone.

Not only that, but when a child encounters a trauma that tells them that they cannot trust or depend on their family or their guardian, they are likely to assume that the world around them is a terrifying place and that all adults are dangerous, making it extremely hard to establish relationships during their adolescence, even with peers of their own age and adulthood.

One of the hardest things to emerge from and one of the deepest scars to heal is childhood trauma. It haunts us into our lives and the relationships we depend on for happiness and satisfaction when touched by risk and loss of identity-sovereignty as a kid.

As hard as it may seem, by learning how to understand how trauma and tough experiences have impacted your life, you will still reduce the impact of childhood trauma. You will be able to accept those incidents and the feelings they evoke because you have come to appreciate these traumas intimately and the way they have influenced you.

Tough childhood is not something that most people talk about, but in a book entitled Sky Lord, this specific situation was greatly written and shared. The story focuses on the early '20s, Aaron Dalton's life. The book also explored his tough childhood and showed how he became a superhero of his own, how he overcame adversaries, and how he got the ability to fly in the sky and become the Flying Man. Something that proves to us that despite all the challenging moments we encountered growing up, we can still become a superhero other people can rely on.

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