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Transforming Words into Reality

Transforming Words

Some people hold a pen, write, and transform words into magical stories that can move anyone to different kinds of emotions. A writer who has this kind of talent is really powerful.

As one of the finest authors, Steve Dreben, with his works each day in a practical world while interacting with many people and making his voice heard. In a society of many blind faiths, he tries to open the box or separate the iron vice of conformity to let truth enter when and wherever possible. He won the Cine Golden Eagle award for writing, directing, editing, and original screenplay of the ½ hour dramatic film “A Far Cry From Yesterday.”

Author, Steve Dreben
Author, Steve Dreben

His ideas in portraying the intimate stories of affairs designed verbally by humans, although common in the industry can still be recognized as different and unique in their way. His style is influenced by some of his favorite authors. They are known for contributing a lot to the industry and have their kind of style.

Writer’s block is something that a writer is afraid of. But Steve Dreben is confident in his skills as it wasn’t his problem because he has written in many different forms, and it is amazing how a person can be so talented.

“Our connections to feelings, justice, deep love, and sectional love...the drive of being and honestly loving in free and deeply sensitive ways, and often how the system interferes with all of that...YES!” Connections are really important as it is the key to making our intentions genuine. To feel the love when reading, to experience different emotions, and to feel that you have been part of the story.

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