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Travel the World Through Poems: A Way of Making Yourself Happy During Pandemic

Did you ever ask yourself: “Where will I go after this pandemic?” Maybe, your top option is to go home to the warming hugs of your parents, or travel somewhere else with your friends, or find a calm and soothing place to stay, enjoying the solitude while exhaling fresh air. But traveling around the world is actually possible without even leaving your home, so the question is… how? According to Albert Einstein, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” Yes, that’s right. Imagination is the key.

Do you ever find yourself imagining terrible things that cause you to have anxiety breakdowns? But what if you try to change your mindset and start imagining the pleasant scenarios in your head?

Barbara Ker-mann, the author of Pen and Palette Travelogue, will help you remove all the negativity occurring in your heart and mind. Barbara Ker-mann wrote this book of poems while she traveled with different places in the hope of sharing the experience and beauty she encountered to the readers. Why not take a break from social media? Take a breather from what’s happening to the world. Stop all the worries you have in your mind and start reading this book. This book of poems will lead you to many great places in the world and introduce you to new emotions that will knock your heart out. Pen and Palette Travelogue is the best book to read during a pandemic to ease your worries away and make yourself happy these challenging days. Sometimes, we think it’s best when people are already healthy physically, but on the other hand, a troubled mind can never really bring someone anywhere lovely. This book of poems created by Barbara Ker-mann is an absolute helper in making your mental condition stable during a lockdown. So, keep yourself in the comfort of your home and let Pen and Palette Travelogue take you to places of magic and wonder.

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