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Traveling the World in the eyes of an Artistic Poet

Experiencing something new and unfamiliar brings excitement to a person. People travel because there is a deep satisfaction in the exploration of the unknown to oneself—the reason why the Globetrotting lifestyle is in demand in this generation. However, the global pandemic now hinders the travel goals of the nomadic. Most of the travel enthusiasts resorted to just reading/watching some inspirational materials online while waiting for that time where the world is ready to be explored again.

One book that can inspire travelers is the Pen and Palette Travelogue by Barbara Ker-Mann. Natural Artists have this specialty of seeing the mishmash colors and patterns of a scene while an ordinary person can only see it as it is. That is how Barbara Ker-Mann translated her descriptive perception of a specific country through her brush, palette, and poetry. It is authentic and remarkable made by only her.

Adding more is the charm of poetry in this book. The play of words will tickle your imagination to the encrypted hidden message of the place she visited. As a reader, you can’t even know how to describe the feeling when you read it yourself. Some odd charisma is alluring that makes you deduce the entirety of Barbara’s strong message behind publishing the book.

In this generation, people opted to use the camera instead of capturing memories of traveling or doing a video blog to be uploaded on YouTube. Believe me, almost everyone is doing it right now. Nonetheless, all people have their own way of capturing the abstracts such as peace, beauty, and or even resentment.

It is not a pain to use the technology of documenting the travels; however, it makes authenticity rare in these modern times. The classic works of an artist are incomparable to others. It is like a thumb mark that has no duplicate.

We are all travelers in this world and this life. The truth is we don’t see the same color or pattern as others may see. One thing more is we have different experiences going to places. We’ll never describe the specific emotion and vibes of our friend visiting South Korea or Greece. Even if you go there together, you will never have the same eyes for the travel experience you have.

Do you know what is more interesting about this fact? It is the reality that we can be an artist or poet on a journey just like our author Barbara Ker-Mann. Talent can be exclusive, but the experience is universal. Be Inspired and read Pen and Palette Travelogue by Barbara Ker-Mann!

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