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Travelling Stanzas: Terry Powell's Poetry is A Journey of Life and Fiction

Our feet can take us to different places, but our words can transcend beyond anything. One poet goes on a journey of life and fiction with his masterpieces, creating poetry, mending brokenness, touching lives, and improving those around him with inspirational words from his walk in life.

Author Terry Powell began to write poetry by accident in the year of 2006. A good friend and host from the internet, to which he owed a debt of gratitude, encouraged him to write poetry, resulting in 10 books that have been published up to date. The most compelling are the ones who seem to create different impacts on their genres, like A Book of Dark Poems, which was written in 2014 and is about the horrors of life and the afterlife. It is not the paranormal kind of horror but one that mirrors the reality of our world through story-like stanzas. He has also written a book for children called Poems for Children (2014), which is about the mixed experiences that one will feel in their lifetime. It encourages kids and adults to get in touch with their emotions to一 make themselves smile, cry, laugh, and sometimes weep. The compilation of the poems in this particular book will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions that will totally touch you in a way that is unique and different from other literature.

The Come and Read Me duology, which was published within two years (2013-2014), are compilations of poems that take the readers on Terry Powell's journey through the trials and riggers of his life from the last 15 years. Here, he shows the rawness of his emotions and his life in every word, and even if every poem does not suit the reader, some can surely find some relatable moments that are not so picture-perfect. With this particular duology, Powell hopes not only to bring joy to his readers but also take them on a path that he took in his life. Each poem are different and depicts several aspects of his life but can be interpreted in a lot of ways. Lastly, Hogarths Epic Poem, which just recently came out, is an adventurous epic poem that is full of illustrations that the author made himself.

What Powell shows through his book is his ability to provoke emotion through words. With an easily understandable text, the readers can easily feel the meaning of the poems and bring them a new perspective, one that is not influenced by a lot of opinions but comes from the heart. The author writes about his journey to share with the world, and with his descriptive and graphic narrative, readers will be taken to a paradise or memories of the past life. Powell's exploration of the world has contributed greatly in his compositions, painting a picture of a man who has lived through many things.

Getting through the rigorous process of publishing, Powell can finally share to the world a book of poems with a unique take on life, emotions, and the world.

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