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Treasure Hunt in the Castle: Reminiscing our Childhood

We love searching for treasures, like a child who is always fascinated by immersing in theme parks and museums. It gives us a sense of new adventures and lightens up our never-ending curiosity. The common treasure we know in stories is the gold, rubies, and jewels. These are rare, valuable items to own. Once you are able to get one, you can exchange it for tons of money. Well, that’s in the mind of an adult. I wonder what would be the thought of other creatures like an alien.

Now, it reminds me of the story in Mikkee the Martian 4: “The King and The Castle.”In the previous book, Mikkee and the twins had an encounter with a ghost named Jacob. They were able to communicate and fulfill his wish. The fourth book reencountered a ghost, but he is a king in an ancient castle this time. Mikkee, Billy, and Jilly visited this place for fun and to learn something about ancient history. Along the way, Mikkee saw the ghost of the king roaming around the castle, and he talked to him. He used his powers so the twins can also see the king. Later on, the king shows a secret room upstairs and revealed the treasures hidden there.

Peter Locke has always tickled our mind in crafting the adventures of Mikkee (the Martian), Billy, and Jilly. Even as an adult, you will be drawn into curiosity and delve into the story like a child waiting for more action as you turn the page. The author has written the Mikkee the Martian as an episodic type of reading that is interconnected from each other. As a reader, it is something that you would like to collect on your shelf. The fun and adventure vibes will be appealing to children. They will love it as their bedtime story.

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