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Treasured Memories: Why Is It So Hard to Move On?

Have you ever been hanged up with someone, you still think of them even though the relationship has been over? The memories still linger, you can still smell the scent of that person's perfume, or you can still feel that person's fingertips caressing you. It is sad not to be able to go back to those times, but we can always treasure those memories in your heart.

Sometimes it is the love that makes it hard to get over someone, but sometimes, it's our ego. And, perhaps, most of the time, it is because our relationship is related to both love and ego. You're still worried about why things have to stop or what could be the actual reason behind them. If that is the case, then instead of a broken heart, the explanation for not moving on is because of a damaged ego. The sense of insufficiency will begin to creep in and inhibit the process of healing from the breakup.

In a relationship, no one wants to remember how somebody hurt them. No one wants to dig up any of that emotion. The intimate moments, the funny remarks, how they made you feel alive are easier to recall. The things that remain with us are the things that have made us feel the most in love with another human being, the most comforted, the most taken. Your heart will always be jumping for those details.

So, you re-live in your mind all the happy moments over and over again. You hold on to those treasured memories as much as you want because it is easier that way, just like that one story called The Treasure of Desire from Katie Santee's Passion and Pleasure.

It is another proof that most people treasured their desires,

the fun moments, the mundane yet unforgettable memories.

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