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Truth or Myth?

How is it throughout history that human beings have developed profound certainty and uncertainty upon simple notions of life? Why is it that we so comfortably believe if we were to bounce a ball, it will bounce back? Or why is it that we see rainbows whilst it rains?

This is due to the laws of physics.

Related topics upon situational uncertainty are sought in "Dark Matter, Unified Field Theory, and UFOs are Understandable and Achievable," by Bob Šablatúra. A book that simplifies preconceived terms of physics for the layman. His passion for science enabled his explanation of varied theories, such as unified field theory and black hole collisions to a broader audience. His utilization of familiar elements and illustrations is incorporated to enhance the communal understanding

of his scientific theories.

Bob Šablatúra fascination for science, sees him identifying and investigating concepts in science which are not normally affiliated with each other, and being explored in such a way to create a different approach to explain not normally discussed behaviours in physics. He does this with a heartfelt love of science for the people and to try and bring physics to all. Especially those who do not have the technical capacity to discern deeper, yet interesting phenomena explained through physics.

His inspiration stems from a rich love of life and all things science. At the age of 5, he became interested in numerous educational programs based on science, especially those featuring Professor Julius Summer Miller and ‘Disney Science’. Due to a UFO crash in the local area and turning into a young adolescent, Bob Šablatúra acquired a great desire to know the why and how of UFO’s, Whilst many talked about it, only his father exhibited the inquisitiveness to explore and experiment on the UFO debris. This involved usage of blowtorches, nitric, and sulfuric acid to determine their impact upon the UFO’s wreckage.

As we evolve as humans, our level of knowledge grows about the universe, and with that comes uncertainty in how our environment works and subsequently questioning the existence of life itself. Ironically humanity has a strong need to always understand and to feel to be right, yet in our beliefs, we still fail to answer many of the universe’s mysteries or dogmas. This includes the discovering of unknown life on Earth or in space, or how the universe functions beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. Therefore, it is through this uncertainty we are to trust the unveiled truths of scientists like Bob Šablatúra, to ease fears of the unknown. After all, how does one truly know what exists in life, other than what can come from myths or humanity’s imagination?

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