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Turning Your Life Around and Powering it up with God's Word

We have all been there- somewhere we do not want to be and know we should not be. Whether your challenges are within your family, health, career, or yourself, God has great plans for His people.

In the Bible, we discover principles as to how the world "works." And we must know the words of God to learn how to live in this chaotic and unsettling world. We are the custodians of our thoughts. In the midst of the confusion, anxieties, and distractions of this present world, all of us can benefit from firmer confidence that God is indeed working out His plans in our lives. In our minds, in our life, and in our world, learn to say what God says. Meditate, take His word within us, speak and consume it. Be transformed by the renewal of your mind!

Cynthia Harry, the author of “As The Spirit Leads,” and other spiritual books, has a passion for helping others deepen their connection to the Bible and to the Lord. Her experiences prove that Jesus is real. The upbringing that she had as a child and the lessons she had learned from her parents played an essential part in her better understanding of the world. These lessons include the importance of recognizing the existence of3 Jesus and doing everything in His accordance. As you read her books, you will come to realize more about the lessons life brings.

According to Cynthia Harry, "The Bible is the living word of God, in it is the image and likeness of man and in it provides the blueprint for man to live a happy, joyous and peaceful life on the beautiful earth. God, the creator, has made."

We have great challenges and distractions which interrupt our connection with God but remember that the spiritual laws would serve as our moral compass, and it will filter our minds and allow us to live our lives peacefully.

Make Him the center of our lives, and everything will work out.

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