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Unexpected Flight Delays Lead to Unlikely Romance in Bangkok

On a long haul "Flight to Bangkok" two travelers have a fateful encounter. During their departure from East Africa they are seated side by side and at first it seems like the two are just ordinary strangers who happen to be seatmates on an ordinary trip. However, unexpected events occur and they develop feelings for each other. In Trophy D'Souza's novel readers will see how deeply emotional and intimate bonds can form from chance encounters, giving two lost souls another chance at love.

When their flight from Nairobi to Bangkok has an emergency stopover at a tiny island in the Indian Ocean, Male, the airline uses the pair-seating arrangements on the plane as the basis for accommodating the passengers in the local hotels' double rooms. Justin and Alice must share a room and initially they are hesitant to spend the night with a stranger. But when they were chatting on the plane Alice reveals the heavy emotional baggage she bears and realizes Justin is someone she can count on, for he seems knowledgeable, supportive and trustworthy. She decides to try and get close to him, and their relationship evolves from that of casual acquaintanceship to something more intimate. On the other hand, Justin's training and principles as a ranking UN official have not prepared him for this situation, and he falls for the charms of this beautiful woman.

The two form an unlikely couple as they slide from being casual acquaintances to becoming passionately entangled. Their budding relationship will be tested, as Alice struggles with her past and Justin tries to balance his awakened passion with the responsibilities of his position.

In "Flight to Bangkok" D'souza treats his readers to a story of love that blooms in the small island of Male in the Maldives. Readers will see how just with a slight change of schedule or routine the most unexpected and surprising things can happen. At the same time D'souza immerses his readers in the culture and history of both Africa and Thailand. With this novel, readers will be inspired to travel and find new joys and unexpected pleasures in their lives.

About the Author

Trophy D'Souza draws from his experiences traveling and working across several countries. He has published several books, and with each of them, he aspires to paint an accurate portrait of people and cultures, taking up causes or giving a voice to the voiceless.

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