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Unleash the Imagination of Your Kids with Mikkee the Martian by Peter Locke


Do you remember the years when the talk about aliens became the in thing in modern media? It was one of the most interesting topics discussed in fantasy books and presented in fantasy sci-fi movies. It was the time when Peter Locke himself engaged in popular media. His rich imaginative mind and the experience he has in entertainment media give him that drive to create something that will entertain and leave remarkable moral values with his audience.

Mikkee the Martian is the creation of Locke’s imaginative mind and a source of both moral lessons and exciting adventures for kids.

Its main character Mikee, is a Martian who befriended twins Billy and Jilly Watson. 

Unlike the usual representation of Martians in modern media as disturbing characters with the goal to rule the earth. In most stories, they are represented as somewhat like monsters who simply want to take over the earth. 

Mikkee the Martian is nothing like the usual Martian known to the audience. Instead of taking the cliché about Martians, Peter created Mikkee to be the hero-like persona who wants to help humans when they are in trouble.

The first adventure of Mikkee was with Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong. The story goes around the three being involved in chasing bank robbers. Mikkee’s superpowers, as an alien, made it possible for him to catch the robbers and be successful in his first adventure. Book One of Mikkee the Martian certainly makes his character lovable.

His friendship with Billy and Jilly proves to be something to look out for. Children are sure to go with the three friends on their incredible adventures. It cannot be denied that the adventures are focused not merely on the action and exciting scenes and places they go to. The children and Mikkee get closer to each other at every turn, giving readers a view of what friendship really is all about. 

In a time when diversity and difference in the society are becoming a plague that breaks the society’s unison, Mikkee the Martian breaks the barriers and gives children a better understanding of what friendship should be built upon and how its members connect with each other rather than on what their differences are. 

To make the adventures more enticing and the friendship simply hard to set aside, Mikkee was presented by Peter Locke as a humorous character who can crack a joke that children and older individuals are likely going to relate to. 

The seven books of Mikkee the Martian which are out in the market, are sure to create great pictures of adventures that children, as well as older readers, would surely enjoy sharing with. With the imaginative and creative thoughts of Peter Locke, every adventure is indeed satisfying from book one all through to book seven.

All the adventures and all the characters are made alive by the narrative of Peter Locke, making Mikkee the Martian a regular part of your child’s growth.

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