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Vampire Sisters Struggle to Survive in August Alexander's Chilling Tale

The secrets of vampiric lore and ancient mysteries will be unveiled to the Cromwell sisters, as August Alexander's supernatural saga continues with "Dark Secrets." Elizabeth and Alyssa Cromwell must reckon with the consequences of slaying a pureblood vampire and evading attempts at reprisals while coming to terms with their new existence: an unlife as the eternal children of the night.

Previously in "Midnight Moon," readers saw Elizabeth's metamorphosis into an unliving denizen of the night when her college life was violently interrupted due to a brutal crime that left her on the brink of death before a vampire named Caleb Macbeth turns her. During this time, she grasps the nature of her new existence and the world of darkness she has entered. When the pureblood Vladimir sets his sight on her sister Alyssa, she does everything she can to protect her.

Now he has been slain, and a powerful vampire named Jade seeks to avenge the death of Vladimir. Alyssa joins the ranks of the kindred and must also come to terms with becoming a vampire, and the sisters seek allies to survive the onslaught of foes after them. They go to gyptE and uncover ancient secrets while facing a clan of vampires also opposing them. Aside from other undead, they also encounter deadly foes such as giant scorpions and serpents. But despite the danger, they must persevere in order to protect their loved ones from the greater horrors endangering them.

Alexander immerses her readers in this chilling tale of horror and action that will resonate with its central theme, namely the undying bond of love between sisters. For readers will see the Cromwells recover from tragedy and persist even amidst the darkest times, all to protect the ones they hold dear. Despite death and awakening into a bleak unlife as blood-drinking children of the night, there are some slivers of humanity that cannot die. This is a core component of vampire literature, namely that these creatures retain aspects of their former lives that become even more precious as they wrestle with their bestial sides threatening to take them down a downward spiral of pure bloodlust and carnage.

"Life is like a puzzle, when it falls apart we must struggle to put the pieces back together again." Alexander says. "I wrote this book, 'Dark Secrets' because I wanted to continue writing about my main characters, the Cromwell sisters. I didn't feel that their story was over yet. I felt that there was more to be told."

About the Author

August Alexander is from Laurel, Mississippi, and has been writing since her teens. She began with short stories before progressing to poetry and novels. She aims to write stories for young readers as well as create fictional worlds that audiences will fall in love with.

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