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Veiled Destiny: Unraveling the Cosmic Symphony

In the depths of our souls, we yearn for the extraordinary, waiting to unfurl the wings of our true potential. Our journeys are as diverse as the stars above; some led by the ethereal allure of dreams, while others stumble upon unforeseen paths.

John D. Christopher, an author with a passion for medieval and ancient European history, weaves together captivating tales that blend apocryphal legends with a modern-day quest for truth. His lifelong dream of writing a book was ignited at the age of eight when he immersed himself in the pages of "King Solomon's Mines."

From working in construction to a career in the NSW Police Force, John studied History and Sociology, later becoming a substitute teacher. Now fully retired, he enjoys his peaceful acreage and dedicates time to writing a prequel to his acclaimed work, "Astrum Divinus." Under the pseudonym John D. Christopher, he pays homage to his late father and two sons.

Do you think we are all meant for something more than the ordinary?

In the captivating novel the Astrum Divinus," author John D. Christopher weaves a tale of mystery, destiny, and an epic battle for the future of humankind. Transporting us to the sun-soaked landscapes of Southern France in 1982, the story follows Peter, a young boy sent to England in a desperate bid to outrun a merciless epidemic. He was adopted by Oliver and Elizabeth Northcott and grew up amid privilege but always feels out of place. He has always danced on the edge of reality and reverie, caught in a web of enigmatic visions.

Years later, as a respected History professor in Rome, Peter's world is shaken when he encounters a mysterious priest who reveals his true heritage. Skeptical at first, Peter embarks on a journey of discovery, tracing ancient artifacts and manuscripts that confirm his role as the next Astrum Divinus, guardian against Armageddon.

Could an ordinary man ascend to the celestial heights demanded by his cosmic role?

The Astrum Divinus" immerses readers in a thrilling narrative filled with ancient prophecies, supernatural powers, and the eternal struggle between good and evil. Also highlighted in our previous weekly newsletter, "Light In The Midst of the Dark", this truly remarkable book goes beyond unraveling the enigma of Peter's dream. It serves as a powerful reminder that even when we find ourselves chasing seemingly elusive shadows, there is an innate light within our hearts that propels us forward in our quest for a brighter future.

John invites readers to embark on a thrilling journey that intertwines history, legends, and the quest for deeper understanding. The world holds its breath, yearning for the Astrum Divinus to emerge from the depths of uncertainty and unveil his sacred purpose—the symphony of Peter's existence poised to crescendo and shape the very fate of all creation that will surely leave readers breathless.

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