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Vibrantly Illustrated Children's Book Teaches Young Readers About God

The act of reaching out to a higher power and communicating face-to-face with them can seem complicated and even scary for children, but not so for little Kendia, the central character in a book written by Samuel C. Williams and entitled Mr. God, Will You Please Tell Me...: The book centers around eight year old Kendia's first interview ever (which just happens to be with Almighty God). In this book, author Samuel Williams has penned the absolute gem of story for both parents and children to enjoy. Though an intriguing and pleasant read any time of the day, the story seems to be a perfect fit as a bedtime reading. Williams’ story teaches its young readers about the power of hope, prayer, and the impossible

The story text as well as the vibrantly illustrated pages of Williams' storybook follow the adventures of a young girl (Kendia) who decides to gather questions from all her friends during her birthday party. The questions are ones that the kids would ask God if they could talk directly to Him. The kids all leave their questions with Kendia, though none of them believes she will ever talk with God face-to-face.

Kendia herself also has many questions about God. What is God's identity? Does He really know everything? How can He see everything and everybody at once? whether How does He sound when He talks to you close up? And what about Heaven and the afterlife? Are they real? And these were only the beginning of her long list of questions she wanted to ask God if she ever got the chance.

But Kendia’s questions do not make her different from other kids who also wanted to ask God questions but never got a chance to. But Kendia refuses to settle for mere curiosity. Instead, Kendia resolves to get answers and learn as much as she can, whenever or however she got to ask God herself. She wonders just how she will ever be able to interview the God of all things, but she knew that somehow, she would and that she had to remain faithful to that hope in order for it to happen.

Later that night, Kendia falls asleep with that idea of interviewing God in mind. Then something unique and wonderful happens to her and unfolds her wish to interview the Almighty Himself. Kendia’s first interview is with God.

"'Kendia's First Interview' is centered around actual questions received from children when asked about God. Kids provided actual questions that they would like to ask God if ever given the opportunity. One of the ideas cleverly concealed in this book by its author is the idea that God will never hide Himself or His wisdom from those who earnestly seek after Him regardless of their age. “The book also centers on the reality Heaven, angels, and eternal life." Williams says.

Mr. God Will You Please Tell Me… is so tastefully and entertainingly done that adults like children, will thoroughly enjoy taking it in.

This charming children's book helps parents explain matters of faith to their children, as these topics might not be the simplest ones to convey. Williams provides families with an ideal way to bond and has an entertaining and educational experience. He draws from his own background as an educator, writer, and youth counselor, as he knows all too well that information must be conveyed in an entertaining and engaging way for audiences young and old alike to retain the lessons better. His work has the potential to convey formative life and spiritual lessons to young readers and help them on their Christian life journeys.

About the Author

Samuel Williams is an educator, writer, and youth counselor who has spent numerous years speaking to and teaching youths worldwide. He combines entertainment with informativeness to help audiences grasp difficult truths in a way that they can clearly understand the concept addressed. He was born and raised in a small southern town called Wadley (Georgia). He is a school-trained journalist and photojournalist and has taught English and composition at the middle, high school, and college levels. He holds a master's and an educational specialist degree and previously served in the United States Army. He is now in his 44th year of marriage to his wife. The couple has one son and one daughter, one son-in-law, and three adorable granddaughters.

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