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Vulnerability of A Sister, Inner Man in the Poet, Power and Authority Spiritual Spoken Word

Have you ever thought of how the life of each individual differs from each other? Have you noticed how some appeared to have perfectly handled their life and others are still in their journey of finding their purpose?

Life is a complex process. It is a bumpy road and a rough ride that no one can calculate where or when a clear path would appear. But the difference between each individual is how we perceive the challenges along our way. It is the choice that we make which would lead us in achieving an endless growth of improvement or be trapped continually inside a box of fear and doubt. The book 'Sister, A Poet, A Spiritual Spoken Word' written by Trina Brigham, is a beautifully written collection of stories that would be our guide for these never-ending questions in our minds.

Many books have their own stories to share. Authors have experienced many obstacles to create a book that would be essential for their readers. Author Trina Brigham is one of the few authors gifted with beauty in writing at an early age. At the age of twelve, her middle school teacher noticed her potential and became interested in her writing. This recognition gave the author a life-changing impact on her life. Soon after, Trina also decided to pursue her God-given gift by writing personal poems for her family and peers. They are the people closest to her heart who never faltered to motivate her to enhance her writing skills. They also encouraged her to develop her craft by taking poetry workshop classes at San Francisco City College. With her pure desire to share her love of poetry with many people, she entered poetry contests and was featured in numerous public performances throughout San Francisco.

In her book 'A Sister, A Poet, A Spiritual Spoken Word', the author gave an insightful awakening through a collection of stories arranged in a poetic context. It contains examples from her personal experiences concerning love, hope, and things to come. It is also the author's journey in embracing life's circumstances and how she attained spiritual growth through God's never-ending love.

A Sister, A Poet, A Spiritual Spoken Word is a book that will deeply connect with all of us since it confronts fears and questions that we humans are in denial of accepting. It is a book that searches the mind, body, and spirit that uncovers the inadequacies of our nature. Through this understanding, we will be able to acknowledge that our well-being is essential to our growth as we take part in our journey in life.

The title A Sister, A Poet, A Spiritual Spoken Word serves its purpose as to why Trina Brigham came up with a unique name for the book. Sister represents the physical woman. Her weakness, her strength, and vulnerability which she holds. The poet addresses the inner man who continually reflects upon himself with the hope of finding his true identity and purpose for his life. A spiritual spoken word speaks ideals to its readers, bearing as a witness to the spirit that words are an important factor in addressing concerns that grant power and authority to speak things into existence. Author Trina Brigham not only thoughtfully wrote her book to inspire thousands of people, but she also dedicated her heart and soul that each word from her book would give its readers an eye-opening lesson in life.

With God's help and guidance, Trina was blessed with the gift of capturing the heart of His people. Through a form of poetic doctrine, the author's book A Sister, A Poet, A Spiritual Spoken Word will serve as an insight and instructions to warn His people and lead them to a better course in life. It is indeed a life-changing book recommended to everyone!

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