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'Walking With Jesus': Do You Really Know Our Lord?

Many people in this world are born Christians, and they grew up following the faith their family has instilled in them. Yet, some take this for granted. Unless they are going through life's weightiest issues, that's the only time they will turn into the Lord, pray and believe in what faith can do.

Some regularly attend church gatherings but do not understand the true meaning of their beliefs. How close are they to God? How deeply do they know Jesus Christ? When speaking about faith, this is when people will differ.

In the Holy Scriptures, Proverbs 3:5 tells us to "trust in the Lord in all our ways we must not lean on our own understanding, in all our ways we must acknowledge Him and He will make straight our path."

It is not only during the times we find ourselves in the toughest of situations that test our strength and willpower that we should turn to God and the Lord Jesus Christ. Good times or bad times, people should always cling to what the Lord can do.

Author Bernie Brennan has a work that is the epitome of profiling Jesus Christ. His book Walking With Jesus tells more about Jesus Christ, his life, what he has done for the world, his death, burial, resurrection, and everything that everyone desires to know Him.

Author Bernie Brennan says, "How will you know them? Listen to what they talk most about, are the peaceful with a quiet spirit, what about kindness, do they hold on to past events. You see, we must be growing in the true knowledge of God. We must be still, that stillness must come from within our inner being so as the things in this world will not cause us to stop growing in our spiritual walk with Jesus."

Walking With Jesus will not only take readers to the life of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, but through the details about how he lived in this world, they can be able to reflect on how they know about Jesus and how strong their faith is.

Jesus Christ lived to serve God and sacrificed himself to redeem humanity of their sins. Bernie Brennan ushers wrote this book to learn more about Jesus, how he came to save the world, and kindle a relationship with the people, his children.

Seek the Lord, have faith, and everything else will follow.

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