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Ways to Strike Gen Z's Attention to Learn Science: Bob Sablatura's Science Exploration

Most teenagers nowadays are losing their interest in studying academic subjects, but their interests and efforts are in the direction of spending their time playing games and interacting with other people via their social media accounts. Even educators have a hard time reaching out to their students since most teens seek instant gratification from high impact movies, games, etc. The young people of today build their worlds about their desires where they want everything now.

The people from within each generation are changing over time, where when in one generation it was looked down on to wearing earphones while eating and was strictly prohibited. Whereas today, with the current generation Z, it does not matter, and they don’t have issue with it. For them, it is normal.

Not long ago, Education was a privilege since not everyone could afford it. Today, young people often reject the idea of pursuing Education, for it requires work and they believe it is not always the key to success. On top of that, due to the changing attitudes of the young people of today, the traditional learning methods is no longer exciting for students. Students often find it boring and believe it is a waste of time, and no matter how much a teacher tries to encourage a student, it is not enough for them to study harder.

For instance, the importance of oneself is becoming the heart of social media. The format that exists within social media gives entertainment to a lot of teenagers, especially when they know the context. The templates that exist within social media, do allow teachers to alter the science information into small chunks and place them on a social media platform, thereby supplying specific topics in a way

that students would be interested to learn about it.

Bob Sablatura, the author of Dark Matter, Unified Field Theory, and Ufo's, Are Understandable and Achievable, has a passion for science which is endless. Ever since he was a child of five years of age, he fell in love with science. He used to regularly watch television shows about science and one of his favourite mentors was Professor Julius Sumner Miller and he admired him deeply. Because of his love of science and that an Unidentified Flying Object crashed in his local area, it led him to acquire numerous qualifications related to science; In 1980, he got an associate diploma in Applied Biology from the University of Technology Queensland; In 1988, he got his Bachelor of Science Degree majoring in (physics, physical mathematics, electronics, computing, and science technology, and society) from Griffith University. He completed a Graduate Diploma in Education majoring in Science and Computing from the University of Technology (UTS), Ku-ring-gai Campus, in 1989. Then in 1995, he got his master's in Education from the University of Western Sydney. Currently, he's doing his Ph.D. in Education and Science at the University of Newcastle. Above all, he has taught High school Science in New South Wales Australia for twenty-five years and in addition to this, he has six majors from Tertiary Institutions.

This book has, incites on subject matter that most people don’t really talk about and moreover, these theories can give you a new way of seeing the universe and how it works. Bob’s book can potentially explain what happens;

1. When two black holes collide a portion of their mass will vanish. For example, one black hole is 30 solar masses and the other would be 10 solar masses, the resultant back hole should be 40 solar mass but what happens is a black hole of 37 solar masses is created. No, the energy would not be utilized in a gravitational wave, but the solar mass would be converted into the production of Negative Mass (“The build-up of negative mass in the black hole is what causes the black hole to instantly expand/explode?”).

2. Dark Matter equates to Negative Mass (10-38 m) with negative gravity and objects that are photon like.

3. When normal matter copies the electric field effects of photons , they can now travel at the speed of light or faster.

4. When you look deep into the universe you should able to observe stars that are older than the initial big bang or for that matter when you look at the structure of the universe it should look like swiss cheese.

There are many insightful thoughts in Bob Šablatúra’s book that Gen Z needs to know. Indeed, Bob’s book is full of concepts that mentors could use to teach their students. To sum it up, this book has information for contemporary teenagers through to the more senior people of society. Dark Matter, Unified Field Theory, and Ufo's Are Understandable and Achievable is relativity easy to read, and allowing the reader to gain a new prospective on the universe works.

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