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We Only Have One Life, Will Yours Be Unforgettable?

We all have breathless moments when we think back about the memories in our life - the adventures and laughter which will forever be engraved in our hearts. The journey that despite the obstacles and hindrances we have experienced, it will always bring happiness within us, knowing that we conquered it all. Just like how humans need water to survive or the warmth of love to be alive, most people usually take pleasure in the enjoyment brought upon by traveling. It changes our perspective on the world and the beauty that surrounds us. But despite the excitement traveling would make us feel, there are many consequences that we first have to overcome. That is why Mike Fox, the author of the book 'Traveling by Road, Rail, Sea, Air (And Wheelchair) in North America' takes us on a heart-clenching story of his journey. A book that will guide and inspire us that nothing can stop you from hoping and achieving your dreams, even with the disability of a loved one.

'Traveling by Road, Rail, Sea, Air (And Wheelchair) in North America' is a book that follows the adventure experienced by Mike and his disabled wife, Sylvia. Mike Fox is a semi-retired British Civil servant with two children. Despite his wife having Parkinson's Disease, they were able to make unforgettable memories with a guide of a wheelchair across North America for about a month in September and October 2016. Along their journey, they came across a progression of fascinating and, sometimes, entertaining experiences. It made Mike reflect upon the different people and places he encountered, especially with a cluster of information and figures from North American society that he wanted to share with all of us. Not only they explored the beauty of this place, but they also met amazing people with whom they shared their memories and adventure while roaming around the major cities and rural communities in North America. They also took a voyage to Alaska, gone on the Rocky Mountaineer Express train, and visited Niagara Falls and the Quebec World Heritage Site.

Mike Fox wanted his readers to take part in the incredible adventure that he experienced with his wife. Even if we did not come across the challenges or excitement that they felt along their journey, Mike wanted us to also feel the beauty of freedom in traveling. The book 'Traveling by Road, Rail, Sea, Air (And Wheelchair) in North America' covers not only the difficulty and uncertainty along their way, but it also teaches us that we should live our life to the fullest. The author reminded us there is nothing wrong with trying and believing in ourselves despite having doubts and fear.

This book will make you experience a roller coaster of emotions and a sense of belonging as the author gives us a detailed and wondrous narration of their adventure. A beautifully written and endlessly enthralling book that will guide you to go beyond your comfort. It teaches us to follow our hearts and deeply learn the meaning of life. The book also describes in-depth details on how we will cope with the problems encountered while traveling.

'Traveling by Road, Rail, Sea, Air (And Wheelchair) in North America' written by Mike Fox, is a powerful and moving story of two lovers as they travel around North America. The best travel book that you wouldn't want to miss! Grab your copies now!

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