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What Home Looks Like During A Pandemic

Everybody loves going out, whether at the beach, in a restaurant, in cinemas. People love to see different scenery aside from the four corners of their homes. Whenever we feel like we need a breather, we go out, take a stroll in the park, spend time at the mall, or travel to a new place – but then the pandemic happened.

In a glimpse of an eye, going out is out of our options. Staying at home is the best way to save our lives right now, but what if we feel like our home is not our safe zone? What if being inside our houses feels like we can’t breathe and can’t think right, because for a long time now, outside our home is the only place where we can express what is inside us? Well, maybe it is time for us to turn our house into a home.

Since staying at home is the best option for everyone, it is the perfect time for parents to change the atmosphere inside the house. This pandemic has given most, if not everyone, family time – and parents, even children, should not take it for granted.

Parents should make sure that the house they are living in is a safe space for their children – making them feel that they don’t need to go out to have peace of mind because they already feel at peace inside their home. The mother and the father should start making their child feel loved, protected, and understood; children must feel that in a world full of darkness and chaos, their home is not. Instead, they should be able to consider that their home is the best place to be because their parents are with them, and by this, your children will undoubtedly be forever grateful to you.

There is a line from the book A Mother-Father Complex written by Carl Anderson that is very relatable and, at the same time, heart-warming. It goes like this,

” Thank you, sir, I will always send a thought of gratefulness to your capacity to let me discover things myself and that you let me discover this life without a mutilation in my discerned childhood.”

It is written from a daughter’s perspective, thanking her father to love her and make the home where they live a safe spot for her. Space where she can be who she wants to be, without anyone harassing her.

During this pandemic and quarantine season, almost every family will stay home – father, mother, and children. Everyone has a decision to make, and that is what kind of home are we building while facing a crisis?

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