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What if young Adolf took the U-turn?

"If only I could turn back time…"

Traveling back in the past is only possible in fiction and fantasy films on the big screen. It is considered wishful thinking to plan of going back in the past to make up for your mistakes. But of course, our curiosity won't stop wondering what could have happened if you changed the past. What is more interesting is knowing what benefits it could bring to the future if that incident and circumstances never took place. That would be a life-changing turn around in the destined path we are about to take. To think of it, there could be a chance of preventing disastrous events in history through this possibility. Hence, there is "Young Adolf: An Alternate History" for you to read on. It contains 14 chapters for you to dwell on the story of the young boy named Adolf Hitler.

In the story, experience the childhood of Adolf Hitler in detail. It is far behind what you expect of an image of a dictator leader in the time of the Holocaust. Witness in the book his ordeals, from the rigors of his schooling to beatings by his father. Factual accounts are interspersed with fictional inventions, such as his relationship with a hypothetical girl named Helga. By reading the book, you will learn to understand a young boy facing difficulty during childhood, molding his dreams, prejudice, and desires. Indeed, he is also once like us who is helpless and curious about how the world works. The story gives you different lenses to adjust your perception of history's most infamous megalomaniac through the walks of the young version of Adolf. Take an interest in his coming-of-age love story, with Helga, that could have influenced the course of our history. What if this young Adolf took a U-Turn and never went forward in dictatorship in the future?

Frank Daversa, the author of "Young Adolf: An Alternate History," collaborated with Joseph Franciosa Jr. in writing the novel. He always has this passion for psychology, which is at the heart of the novel's story. He believes that "One person can make a difference, and every person should try." Most likely, the reason why he sees hope in the young Adolf.

Check out his other book "Spirituality in the 21st Century" on his social media links below:

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