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What it takes to walk with Christ Today: Redefining Faith, according to Bernie Brennan

In a world where religion takes a weak hold on the people's lives, it is obvious how most people are trying to ignore both the church and the Bible, all at the same time. Defining their lives according to society's norms and the beliefs towards what life should be about and how it should be lived. This modern culture of living could be accounted for by the fact that many have lost their faith because of the things they have gone through. Also, it could be assumed that many have lost their faith in God because of unfortunate situations happening around the globe today.

Apart from all these discouraging thoughts, there are still those who believe that living through their faith is a lovely living pattern. One of those individuals is Bernie Brennan.

In a book that redefines faith in modern-day living, she highlights people's need to look back and retrace their connection with God through following Christ's way. With her belief in God and her thoughts about Christ's ways of living, she highlights the most remarkable verses and shares an idea on how they apply to the life that everyone lives with today. "We must take the whole word of God and meditate on everything that is written." — Bernie Brennan.

Unlike other evangelical books, "Walking with Jesus" takes a definitive construct on modern life's realities and how these factors could be better if people would try and look through what the Bible's advice is and benefit well from them.

An example would be Matthew Chapter 7.

In this part of the writing, Bernie points out that the chapter highlights people's need to be more focused on their concern for doing what is good apart from merely doing what they want.

She also notes the narrow gate, suggesting that if a person wants to be acceptable to God, he should be careful about his decisions. While this may seem too strict for every person to follow, such thought certainly highlights that when a decision is carefully thought through, it is likely that the result of such a decision would be good.

Sure, it may go against the liberal thinking of what the world follows today but applying it has protected the lives of those who follow through with this concept of careful thinking before making their final decisions.

This is just a sample of what Bernie shares in her book. Not only did she try to use rational explanations to identify the benefit of the Bible's powerful stories. In a way, her consideration of the concepts of biblical ways of living could be applied by everyone who wants to try out how Christ's life and the Bible's principles could guide them into embracing a much better way of living.

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