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What Makes a Great Book Tick

Stories of action-packed adventure keeping you at the edge seat, whether in literary form or on the big screen, have always been a worthwhile recreation for bookworms and movie buffs. Tales of intrigue, terror, and mysteries make up a fascinating plot—that danger element--pulls you forward to beg for more.

The Farnsworth Files is a classic example of a novel that never fails to catch the readers' attention as the author weaves its story in a spell-binding fashion with its twists and turns. Intertwined with secrets of a fictional family saga that keeps the readers a glimpse of what it was then and fast-forward to the present time.

The use of greed, power, and deceit as the plot's focal point makes readers immersed in the story. This narrative account unfolds a tragic family past, discovered by chance by the young graduate student lovers. How this ever-curious couple, together with other characters, were manipulated by a professional doctor who had just been released from prison. His devious influence continues affecting the people around him helps build the story. While the two main characters (the couple) unlocked the long-forgotten top classified files way back in the Vietnam War era, the lies of what they were made to believe in their childhood years were exposed. As a result, they were faced with the inevitable truth that stirred controversy and faced a predicament. They have to make a life-changing decision if not everything goes out of proportion.

The Farnsworth Files is up for grab, authored by William H. Christ, Jr., a seasoned writer if you crave a mind-blowing book. Catch his other thriller-adventure novels on his website,

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