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What Makes a Woman: Love or Money?

What makes a modern woman? Many would say that modern women think more practically than they do emotionally. It cannot be denied that the changing tides of time have certainly created a new sense of defining how women have become and how they are expected to be.

Women in the traditional years were considered to follow through certain social norms.

They are expected to stay home and make sure that their families are fed, their husbands are satisfied, and their children are well-cared for. Beyond these expectations, there is not much to be considered necessary to come out from a woman. Not being able to do all these perfectly or at least up to par as expected may define a woman’s worth much lower compared to others who do. While this social expectation may seemingly be considered nominal or quite a no-brainer, it is rather frustrating.

The years of liberalization have created a new picture for women.

The book by Harry Stefano she entitled The Gorgeous Mr. Zane certainly opens the doors towards these new changes.

The main character is shown to be a woman who wants her own life. For some reason, who wants to have her physical and material needs filled but does not really get that much urge to have herself subjected to marriage. The Idea of being free is too essential for her to give up.

Somehow, for her, marriage grounds her and could make it impossible for her to live life the way she wants and enjoy whatever she has. Intriguing as the theme is, it identifies how modern women value love and money differently.

For the main character of the story, she does not measure a man by the love that he can give her. She is not looking for any commitment- so much as she wants someone who can satisfy her needs.

She is not depicted as a stupid or purely sexual individual as other writers might define mistresses. She is defined as classy and smart- someone who knows what she wants. In this story, she is described as an independent woman who simply enjoys her life and does not put herself in the middle of the complications of being married to a man. She is defined to be ‘living the life’- sure, it was not completely acceptable, but it does satisfy her.

Women have become more concerned about their personal happiness than being too concerned about being accepted by society to be morally obedient. Many women today are taking a more practical option. No more are mistresses considered unconventional- now, they are identified as strong and women who are too stubborn to conform to what the society expects from them. They put their wants and needs first because they value their happiness more than they identify with the norms that are supposed to ground them. Accordingly, this story creates a compelling argument that not all readers may consider acceptable. Still, it may be considered definitive, especially in determining the concept of being a modern woman living in a modern world.

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