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When the Fates Decide One's Path in Anne Beck's Shattered

They say that fate determines the path we choose to go. It may choose the love that is truly ours to take and may place us in uncomfortable positions that force us to choose between two choices. But despite fate being at the center of all, our past can also determine where we go next. For healing and forgetting is the only way to go, but at the same time, the past is hard to forget because it holds a part of ourselves, one that made us who we are in the first place, for Tessa in Anne Beck's "Shattered" that is the case.

The story follows our main protagonist Tessa who escapes from the hold of her abusive father and her nightmarish life—vowing that no man will ever control her again. Despite that, however, she is faced with a challenge that only she could succeed. She needs to go back to fight her demons to let go of her past, but it seems that fate has other plans as she meets Logan, a man that would love her but would she be able to let go of the past that constantly haunts her and be able to heal? Or will she turn away the chance to experience love, one that can only be found in the stories?

While the story may seem like a cliche love story, Shattered explores abuse and its difference from love and how victims of abuse may find it hard to navigate their past in order to move forward with their present. Beck built-up characters that can be closely attributed to the people we see in real life and present the struggles of broken people and how she shows that love can be powerful enough to heal the past wounds. Her powerful narrative is one that speaks of truth about life and how there is strength in one to face the problems that life throws their way, and readers will see it in Tessa as she embarks on a journey of healing and love after all the years of abuse that she has experienced.

Anne Beck's inspiration to write her novel might surprise readers. As she amazingly pulls events from her childhood to make a map of what could have gone if she had chosen another decision dissimilar from the one she had taken already. This is shown in Tessa's character and how she copes with her past and present difficulties but remains true to herself with great strength in doing so. From Shattered came four other books entitled Safe Surrender, Second Chance Love, Sweet Forbidden Love, and Save our Love which is all about finding love, fighting for it, and conquering the challenges of each relationship. Beck takes the readers into a journey and expertly narrates themes about childhood, parenting, healing, and loving.

Readers may not only enjoy this intense novel but also learn from Tessa's courage to face the demons that she was once afraid of, to find love, and to make peace with our dreadful past life.

To find out more about Anne Beck and her wonderful books, readers can find her at:

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