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Where will secrets take you?

Hailed from Mississippi, August Alexander is a promising author on the rise. As a child, it has always been her dream to be a writer and create stories that most people can relate to. As early as 13 years old, she has been into writing. No surprise, by this time, she is one of the known authors on the rise and binge-worthy books. And to make her works even more relatable to the majority, as she always visualized of – she came up with books that show and speak about love.

In her first book entitled Midnight Moon, the story revolves around the Cromwell sisters Elizabeth and Alyssa. It was in the midst of the summer heat in Pensacola, Florida, when the story started. While enjoying another day out with the tranquility of summer air, who would have thought that life will drastically change from then on.

Life as we know it will always be full of twists and turns; thus, their once carefree adolescence phase suddenly turns into something else. Get hooked up on how the twists and turns reveal themselves as one of the sisters moves out to college, leaving behind her mom and sister to pursue an independent and new stage in life.

And now, as requested by the readers and as August Alexander herself felt the need to share and continue the journey of the Cromwell sisters, another book is out in the market.

In her book Dark Secrets,” the journey of the Cromwell sisters continues. Indulge yourself in this another engaging, mysterious, daring, and full of twists and turns book.

Feel the life in the night world along with vampires and their likes. Witness the growth of both Alyssa and Elizabeth as they are yet to face another challenge in their life. As dark secrets are yet to be revealed and emotions collide, the Cromwell sisters face many obstacles as they travel to Egypt to take on an Egyptian clan of vampires who threaten the Cromwell sisters and their families. Follow the Cromwell sisters on their journey as they take on a thirty-foot snake, a ten-foot-tall scorpion, and a seven-foot three-headed dog in their quest to protect their loved ones once again from the dark and evil forces that threaten them.

As you turn each page of the “Dark Secrets,” let me leave you with the author’s piece “Life is like a puzzle, when it falls apart we must struggle to put the pieces back together again.”

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