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Why a Cold New Year is a Must-read Book After Losing a Loved One?

Perhaps, you lost a dear family or friend during these challenging times. It could be an accident, a virus, or a peaceful death. Even though we know the nature of life and death, we still can’t bear to live a life without those we deeply cared about. Alicia D. Brown, an author of A Cold New Year, powerfully tackles loss and grievances about losing a loved one, as well as how to recover from an immense grave of ruefulness. The story itself will bring a massive impact on your soul and will undoubtedly dwell into the depth of your situation.

Indeed, it is hard to seek help in times of mournfulness. People will advise you to stay calm and get over the pain or share your own loss experiences. Even though this is helpful, we cannot deny that sometimes all we need is someone who can share our silence. In times of grievances, we are not looking for encouraging words; instead, we seek a shoulder to lean on and hands to hold on to. A Cold New Year is undoubtedly the best book to have while you are in the process of healing.

Alicia Brown eloquently wrote the book so that all readers can easily comprehend it. Although the words are relatively simple, their emotions and content will guarantee you genuine chills. It might be unearthly to find a friend in a book, but yes, it’s possible. When you feel like all those condolences and sympathies are choking you, disabling you to breathe, then all you need is a quiet and comfortable place where you can read this book. Certainly, this book will bring a sense of comfort and discernment within you and will be of great help to survive the situation. The book alone will make you feel that every negative emotion you are handling right now is not bizarre; instead, the book will enlighten you that it is normal, and you are human, and we are all capable of having intense emotions.

Additionally, A Cold New Year is a potent source of help and wisdom for accepting a loss. In a sense, we can’t be stuck in a situation of dealing with our pasts forever. Most of the time, all we’ve got to do is get up and continue living this life.

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