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Why Can't I Draw?

Self-doubt is indeed one of the unconquerable enemies embedded in the core of our identity. Often, it comes from simple insecurity and eventually blooms a flower of low self-esteem. When low self-esteem continues to improve day by day, it will undoubtedly turn into destructive self-doubt. When you ask people these days to draw or paint, they will immediately shake their hands from left to right and say the big NO.

Sometimes, when we are asked a sure thing, we want to answer the very best when, in fact, a simple question only demands simple answers. If you think you do not have any talent to draw, paint, or sketch, why won't you try to get a pencil and draw a circle? Or how about get a brush and paint and turn that blank canvas into a piece of an abstract? It is essential to understand that we are capable of doing things. Perfection is not always the key to acquire a life filled with self-assurance, but to have faith that your ability to do all things is unstoppable.

There might be times in your life when you doubt yourself, not only in your ability to draw but for so many real hard reasons, you can't just reveal it upfront to your friends and family. Pursuing this further is disheartening to see every person getting by every day, trying to have at least one day to win over themselves. As they say, the most formidable competitor in the world is the person you see in the mirror, and that is you.

On the brighter side, there is always a remedy for the extremity of our sorrows. In times of doubt, search for people who have reached the peak of success and ask yourself: where do these people start? And there, you will find shocking answers that most of them start from self-doubt and other negative emotions, which almost hinder them from reaching their most dedicated goal. Sometimes, all we need is a good sailor who will teach us passionately so that we could overcome great waves along the ocean of exploration.

Carla Nicole De Petris, a dedicated humbled writer and a devotee of Raffaello's life and works, has always been adamant about sharing Raffaello's most astounding crafts with that world. Through Carla's book titled, The Madonna of Divine Love by Raffaello and written blogs, you will be able to hold a grasp of Raffaello's incredible ability when it comes to the field of art. On top of that, he dramatically influences several aspiring artists back in his days, and sure enough, his artworks and stories still inspire a lot of people. Raffaello is indeed an inspiration 'til now, and Carla proved it through her written works about him. Once you purchase her book about Raffaello from Amazon, get hold of yourself and be prepared for the words of wisdom embedded in the book's pages that will surely bring a sense of esteem within your mentality.

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