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Why do people regret having sex with a stranger?

When people are blinded by lust, they tend to do unimaginable things that may cause them shame, regret, and crippling anxiety forever. Today, we are living in a generation where everyone has the freedom to date whoever they want, kiss whenever they like, and have sex activity wherever they choose. A lot of things have changed in this generation, and of course, change is like a coin… they may have different appearances on each side, but in the end, it is still change.

During the old days, we all know how scandalous it is to have sexual activity with others, especially if you are a married person. People from old ages are giving more significance to their marriage and family. But now, everyone seems so free even though they changed vows in the name of the Lord, that as a married couple, they will be as one. In other words, every decision that the other person will take should have knowledge of the other. As a wedded couple, it is essential to comprehend that whatever troubles that may arise, they should face it together with their best faith with each other instead of having separation as the answer to the problem. Like married couples who easily get swayed with marriage problems, people also these days have uncontrolled desires which tend to cause them mentalproblems in the end.

Sure enough, that there are many people out there, wishing they could go back and undo a horrible mistake. Most especially the teens these days, who are so impulsive that they have forgotten to think before they offer their body to someone, and worse, to a person they do not fully know. So, if sexual activity causes pleasure to everyone, then why are some people regretting it?

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