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Why Semicolon is the Most Important Punctuation?

Way back in our younger years, when our teacher is still teaching the use and essence of punctuations in writing—we never really learned how significant it is to apply punctuations in our lives. Sometimes, we always think that everything we acquire from school is a stepping stone to attain accomplishments. But to analyze all the pieces of stuff critically, we study at school; it has metaphorical refinements that we can use to develop our character firmly and wisely.

Have you acquired tough decisions and situations in your life that push you to put a period to it and start another sentence in a broad blank paper? Maybe, you have also thought of using a comma in your life to separate yourself from a tough-minded circumstance. At the end of the paragraph, it always depends on our hands-on how to end our story. Unlike in English class, where every written work shall end with a period—life does not mind whatever you use to complete your story.

Living in these trying times, where various upheavals regularly come, particularly the COVID disease, explosion in Beirut, George's Issue regarding racism, and a lot more, it is undoubtedly a hard-fought situation. Most are losing jobs, foods, integrity, compassion, and motivation. For this matter, the suicide rate rapidly grows due to intense anxiety and depression. It caused a lot of people to put an end to their own lives.

However, just because people could no longer make it does not mean you cannot too. Academically, the semicolon indicates a pause between two main clauses, but on the other hand, it symbolizes a significant hope for everyone. It is used to remind everyone that every depression, suicide, addiction, and other mental health issues can be endured through faith and perseverance to keep going. Mary S. Brock, the author of Etchings on my Mind: Perils of Life and Changing Times, has always been the mantra's epitome: everything is possible.

Brock went through challenging situations as well. She had an early retirement and experienced a doomed disability. However, she did not let those misfortunes ruin her life; instead, it led her to the art of writing. She received several awards concerning poetry. Brock has always wanted to reach people and help them enhance their lives, so she published her book containing several categories that will genuinely change the readers. Her book serves as a tangible hope that can always be placed within our hands anytime we want. Like Brock, she did continue her life to share hopeful stories as long as she can. Even in her book, she did not put a period to it. Instead, she is working on her second book that is yet to be published to continue exalting people.

Even though we are currently facing a pandemic, it is essential not to quit. Instead of romanticizing negative thoughts, why not grab a book that might help you strengthen your inner self. Moreover, always keep in mind the essence of the semicolon and embrace it full-scale, so you will be reminded that regardless of situations, keep going.

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